Why chalkboards?

Many people are drawn simply to the characteristic texture of chalkboard lettering. From a logistics standpoint, it is a reusable medium.  Instead of being left with a bunch of printed signs to dispose of after your event, the boards can be erased and reused.  Whether you’ve rented a board from us that will go on to appear in someone else’s big day, or used one of your own that can now be a cool way to keep a grocery list, it translates to less waste.  

Chalkboards are great for businesses because you can easily keep your menu items and pricing up-to-date without a total overhaul.  Even incorporating a chalkboard mural into your space simply for decorative purposes allows you the option to change designs often, keeping your space looking fresh and alive.

Either way, a hand-lettered board serves as a unique decorative piece in a way that mass-produced signage cannot. 


How much will this cost? I quote every project on a custom basis due to the variety of variables.  But to give you an idea of what kinds of factors might influence the price, here are the general considerations:

Design (based on an hourly rate, quoted depending on project scale)
Production (based on an hourly rate, quoted depending on scale)
Board production fee (if we create the chalkboard or wall for you)
Board rental fee (if we lend you one of our pre-made boards)
Delivery method (local delivery or shipping option)


What can I expect in terms of process and timing?

We ask that you allow at least four weeks for your entire project. With the variety of factors that influence your custom project, turnaround time will vary, so we want to insure enough time for perfecting the design, creating your board (if necessary) and getting your order drawn and delivered. The process will look something like this:

  • Contact me to schedule a consultation

  • I will then provide a price quote and timing estimation via email within 1-2 days.

  • A 50% deposit is due to request a proof

  • You will receive a design sketch to look over before your chalkboard is approved for production.


My business/wedding is far away.  Can you travel or get a board to me?

I work in all of New Jersey, the New York City area, and Washington DC. I'm happy to travel to your venue or to work out delivery or shipping of your board in any of these places. Just let me know where your board will eventually end up so we can make sure to choose the right medium for your project.


Can you make a chalk design permanent?

There are a few tricks available for achieving a more permanent chalk design. If you’re worried about your board getting rained on or traveling a long distance, let me know.  We can talk about what makes the most sense for your particular project, as there are many determining factors, but allow me to give you a general run-down:

Regular chalk: my most popular medium.  Allows for easy erasing and re-working and gives the most authentic texture from the flakiness of the chalk to the cool buffed-out haze of chalk dust.  

Chalk crayon: great for achieving the indicative texture of a chalk line, but with less dust and more permanence.  It can still be erased with water and elbow grease.

Sealed chalk crayon: I’ve found that using a spray-sealant on regular chalk often moistens the chalk beyond salvation, but using a spray sealant on chalk crayon works well.  You get the best of both worlds - chalk-like texture and long-lasting permanence.  And this is PERMANENT. Once sealed, a board will have to be sanded, re-painted in chalkboard paint and allowed time to cure before being used again.

Chalk marker: This is an opaque liquid ink, so it creates higher-visibility on a black board than regular chalk does. However, it does not offer the signature flaky, grainy texture associated with chalk. But this ink will be immune to bumps and scuffs until you decide to remove it.  I’ve found that a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser and a little elbow-grease will get it off, but it might leave a little ghosting and your board will benefit from a re-coating of chalkboard paint after many cycles of writing and erasing.


Can you create a chalkboard or chalkboard wall for me?

I can create chalkboards on anything from pieces of wood to picture frames, mirrors and old doors.  If you’re looking to transform one of your blank walls into a cool chalkboard accent wall, I can get you in touch with my handyman. The reason I go professional on this is because he will also tackle any holes and imperfections in the wall, creating a smooth, even surface to draw on.


Do you offer calligraphy on place cards or envelopes?

My lettering is a blend of hand lettering and faux calligraphy. With true calligraphy, letters are drawn with a pen in a series of single, fluid strokes - variations in line width are achieved either with different angles of a broad-tipped pen or by varying the pressure on a flexible nib. Hand lettering and faux calligraphy involve drawing out each letterform individually. This meticulous process is time consuming and lends itself better to creating single designs than to writing out hundreds of place cards or envelopes. Really looking for a calligrapher? Reach out anyway and I can point you to some local talent!


Do you do any graphic design?

My background is in designing digitally for print. I can create digital files of my hand lettering, or design something completely from digital fonts.  I take on these projects on a freelance basis, so let me know what you have in mind!  I do not offer any web-design services but I can point you to some very talented web designers if that’s what you need!


Can you write on a coffee cup to help me propose to my girlfriend?

Okay, maybe this one isn’t a FREQUENTLY asked question, but the kind of thing I hope you won’t feel shy to ask.  And in case you’re wondering, the answer is yes and in fact, I have done this before - check it out!